Parkview Pointe played host on Monday afternoon to the T-1 through 5th grade students during the annual Laverne Elementary Bike-a-thon! Mrs. Kathie Waugh presented a short program about bullying to each class. We love getting to be involved with students from our local community!


Kindergarten Visitors!

We had a wonderful morning last week watching Kindergarten do their Rise-and-Shine Program!

Each student had a special part in their morning program.  We recited the pledges, sang the National Anthem and the Tiger Fight Song, and listened to funny jokes!

For their “Showcase” they brought their newly hatched chicks for us to see and taught us how to do the “Chicken Dance!”

The students loved it when Irene stood up and danced along!

We celebrated our April birthdays by singing “Happy Birthday!”

We also practiced counting by 5’s while doing exercises!